Employer Branding Services

On the crowded talent market, where most of the employers compete for the same or similar candidate profile, standard recruitment is not enough. At Tap.Talent we understand, that effective hiring strategies need additional support.

Complete Employer Branding strategy is a complex and time-consuming process. However done right it can not only support the hiring process but also create a solid foundation for more sophisticated future employer branding strategy.

Our Employer Branding Services are innovative and unique. For our Clients, we create and execute employer branding strategies, advise on effective recruitment tools and create branding campaigns. Our actions bring better employer brand awareness, improved candidate experience and shorter time to hire.

Recruitment Marketing
Offer includes strategies for using non-standard tools to recruit candidates.

From targeted marketing campaigns in social media channels and the Internet, marketing automation, to content marketing or direct marketing. We define “contact points” with the selected target group, so we can be fully prepared in the communications that we have.

Employer Branding
How do you check that your offer has been chosen? Our specialists in Recruitment and Image Marketing, develop an attractive message for the Candidate based on EVP (Employee Value Proposition) or EAD (Employer Attractiveness Dimensions). Selected actions will be carried out by ourselves or left to be carried out by you (our Client) with our support and advisory at every stage of the process.

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