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How we conducted market research at AXA XL

How we conducted market research at AXA XL

At the request of our client, a company from the insurance sector, we prepared a report on the situation in the SSC/BPO market in 2021. Our client needed a reliable analysis in order to transfer more roles to Poland.

Our activities covered:

  • Analysis of candidate availability in five cities in Poland: Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Łódź, Poznań
  • Employment growth analysis for 2016–2021
  • Analysis of the availability of candidates with foreign language skills
  • Analysis of companies from the insurance sector in the Polish market
  • Analysis of roles available in insurance companies in Poland
  • Analysis of the SSC/BPO sector in Wrocław
  • Analysis of the three largest SSC/BPO companies in Wrocław (growth, change of employment in relation to particular roles, change in the availability of candidates with the knowledge of foreign languages)
  • Recruitment trends forecast for 2021–2025

Finally, after analyzing the report, the client opened 30 new roles in Wrocław.

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