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Rekrutacje międzynarodowe z Tap.Talent

Multilingual recruitment at the highest level

Recruitment of specialists speaking foreign languages is our daily bread. We have our own methods for providing candidates on time and within a planned budget. Finding, effectively reaching and employing specialists with foreign languages to handle financial and accounting processes, applications, data collection or project management is a pleasure for us and we know how to do it.

Over 15 years of experience allowed us to build a valuable network of contacts, a regularly updated database, achieve an impressive number of successful projects and served at the highest level dozens of polish and foreign investor companies.

Lingual recruitment with Tap.Talent – Why partnering with us?

Our multilingual recruitment team consists of experts in the field of outsourcing and language recruitment who carefully check the qualifications of each candidate to make sure that they meet language and position requirements.

The most common languages we search for are:


In addition to providing relevant candidates, we will support you and your organizations with:

  • Gathering and providing market data related to the availability of candidates using the indicated foreign languages;
    Determining and recommending the budgets needed;
    Assessment of risk and restrictions that will affect recruitment success;
    Establishing recruitment strategies and an action plan;
    Conducting the recruitment process from the administrative side;
    Launching supporting activities e.g. a recruitment marketing campaign;

Reach out to us and let’s talk about how Tap. Talent can help your organization.


What foreign languages does the language recruitment service offered by Tap.Talent cover?

The most common language processes we provide are:

– German

– French

– Spanish

– Dutch

– Italian

– Swedish

– Norwegian

– Danish

– Turkish

– Hungarian

– Romanian

– English

What professional positions are covered by the language recruitment service?

A language recruitment service can cover various professional positions, depending on the client’s specialization and needs. Here are some examples of positions that may be covered by such a service:

Foreign language translator

Foreign language teacher

Foreign language customer service specialist

Language editor


The above positions are only examples, and the range of recruitment services can be much broader, depending on the specific needs of the client.

What language qualifications does a recruitment agency expect from candidates for language positions?

Recruitment agencies may expect different language qualifications from candidates for language positions, depending on the client’s specific requirements and the type of job. Here are some common language qualifications that recruitment agencies may require from candidates:

Fluency in a foreign language: Candidates are expected to have an advanced level of language skills in a particular foreign language. Tests or certificates to prove language proficiency, such as C1 or C2 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), may be required.

Cultural understanding of the foreign language: Candidates may be evaluated on their knowledge of the culture, traditions and customs associated with a foreign language. This can be especially important for positions that require contact with customers or working in an international environment

Ability to communicate in a foreign language: Candidates should have the ability to communicate fluently and effectively both in writing and speaking

Translation or interpretation skills: For translator or interpreter positions, candidates are expected to have experience in text translation or oral interpretation from one language to another.

What are the benefits of using the Recruitment Agency's language recruitment services?

Using the language recruitment services of a Recruitment Agency can bring many benefits. Here are some of them:

Access to specialized knowledge: a recruitment agency specializing in language recruitment has deep knowledge of the language labor market, industry trends and language skill requirements.

Reduced time in the recruitment process: A recruitment agency takes over responsibility for sourcing, screening and pre-interviewing candidates, saving time and effort that would have been spent on searching and selecting candidates on your own.

Broad access to candidate networks: The recruitment agency has extensive networks with potential candidates, both local and international.

Increased relevance and quality of recruitment: The recruitment agency conducts preliminary interviews, tests or assessments of candidates’ language skills to make sure they are adequately prepared.

Saving resources: By using a recruitment agency, companies can save time, money and human resources that would have to be spent on internal recruitment processes. Recruitment agencies handle all aspects of recruitment, allowing companies to focus on their core activities.

Does the Recruitment Agency provide tests or assessments of candidates' language skills?

Yes, we provide various types of tests and assessments to evaluate candidates’ language proficiency and match them to the requirements of the position.

Here are some examples of tests and assessments used for language recruitment:

Written tests: we conduct written tests in which candidates must demonstrate their ability to translate, edit text or write in a particular foreign language. Tests may include tasks related to grammar, vocabulary, syntax or reading comprehension.

Oral tests: we conduct oral tests in which candidates will be assessed on their ability to communicate in a given foreign language. Oral tests may include interviews, situational dialogues or role-specific simulations.

Language certificates: we may require candidates to have language certificates such as TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge English, DELF/DALF, DELE, etc. These certificates confirm the level of language proficiency of candidates and can be an important criterion during the recruitment process.

Does the Recruitment Agency support both companies seeking employees with a certain level of language proficiency and those who need candidates with specialized language skills?

Yes, we support both companies looking for employees with a certain level of language proficiency and those who need candidates with specialized language skills. We strive to customize our services to meet the individual needs of our clients and find candidates who meet specific language requirements, regardless of their level of proficiency or specialization. For companies looking for employees with a certain level of language proficiency, we can conduct assessments of candidates’ current language skills to make sure they meet the requirements. We also use language certificates as authoritative evidence of candidates’ proficiency levels. For companies that need candidates with specialized language skills, we can conduct searches for candidates with relevant experience in the field and with specialized terminology related to the industry.

It is important to determine your language needs and the specifications of your client’s recruitment position when working with a recruitment agency. In this way, the agency will be able to focus on finding suitable candidates who meet the corporate job’s requirements for language proficiency or specialized language skills.

How long does a typical recruitment process for language positions take?

The duration of a typical recruitment process for language positions can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the specifics of the position, the industry, the complexity of the process, the availability of candidates, the recruitment agency’s procedures, etc. Nevertheless, there are some general stages that often occur in the language recruitment process. Here is an approximate timeline of the various stages:

  1. Announcement and collection of applications-about a week.
  2. Screening of applications – takes several days.
  3. Pre-interviews-from a few days to a week.
  4. Language tests and skills assessment – several days, depending on the scale and complexity of the tests.
  5. Final interviews – up to several days.
  6. decision-making process and offers – after the final interviews, the agency

Does the Recruitment Agency provide assistance in negotiating salary and terms of employment for language candidates?

Yes, we can provide assistance in negotiating salary and terms of employment for language candidates. One of our main goals is to find the right candidates and match them with the client’s requirements, which includes assistance with issues regarding terms and conditions of employment. We are knowledgeable about current salary standards and terms of employment in the language labor market. This allows us to advise both clients and candidates on salary expectations and other employment benefits. It is worth noting that the final terms of employment, including salary, social benefits, employment contract, etc., are usually the result of negotiations between the employer and the candidate. A recruitment agency can act as an intermediary, assisting in these negotiations and striving to reach a satisfactory agreement for both parties.

What are the costs associated with the language recruitment service offered by the Recruitment Agency?

The costs associated with the language recruitment service offered by the Agency may vary depending on a number of factors, such as the specifics of the position, level of language proficiency, difficulty of recruitment, scope of services, location of the agency, etc. Final costs are usually determined individually for each client and recruitment project.

The most common fee models for language recruitment services are:

Percentage fee on salary: The recruitment agency charges a percentage of the salary of the candidate who is hired for the position.

Fixed fee: The Recruitment Agency sets a fixed fee for performing the recruitment service, regardless of the candidate’s salary.

Time-based fee: a Recruitment Agency may charge a fee for a specific amount of time spent on recruitment. This may include time spent sifting through applications, conducting interviews, coordinating the recruitment process and other candidate search activities.

It is important to discuss costs and payment terms with the recruitment agency before the recruitment process begins to avoid ambiguity and to establish final financial terms.

Does the Recruitment Agency provide recruitment support for both permanent and temporary positions in the language area?

Yes, we can provide support in recruiting for both permanent and temporary positions in the language area.

Recruitment for permanent positions: we can help find and hire candidates for permanent language positions in the organization. For such recruitment, we can publish advertisements, sift through applications, conduct interviews, language tests and help negotiate terms of employment. The agency’s goal is to find the best candidate to meet the client’s requirements for the long term.

Recruitment for temporary positions: we can also support recruitment for temporary language positions, such as project work, replacements or seasonal employment. In this case, we can help find candidates who are ready to take up short-term employment in the language field. We can also handle the administration and management of temporary contracts.

Does the Recruitment Agency do international language recruitment?

Yes, we have a network of contacts and resources to search for language candidates in various job markets around the world.

Language recruitment at the international level involves seeking candidates with specialized language skills, cultural and communication expertise in different countries.


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