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Pełne wsparcie w IT Contacting w Tap.Talent

IT Contracting - Trust our experience!

As part of the IT Contracting service, we offer access to specialists, leaders and managers from the technology sector who will quickly enter your teams and undertake key projects.

We perfectly understand that not every company can afford to separate in its structures a technical department, which will solve existing technological issues or business needs. That is why we decided to offer the IT Contracting service, hoping that small and medium-sized companies will benefit from this flexible solution and trust our recruiters.

Thanks to IT Contracting, we offer the possibility of obtaining talents on the IT market at low rates or direct involvement in contracts based on a success fee. 

Tell us your needs and the specifics of the project, and TAP. Talent experts will propose the timeline and action plan to deliver.. As part of the IT Contracting service, we offer access to specialists with selected competences: Front-End, Back-End, Testing, Project Management, UX/UI, Game, Admin, Security, Data, SAP/ERP, Support, Architecture and Technologies: Java, C#, C++, Angular, .Net, Python, Ruby, Scala, C, PHP

Benefits of IT system control

  • Flexible form of cooperation and employment
  • Individual approach to the client and his project
  • Access to a wide talent pool of appropriately qualified specialists
  • Project support for a specified time period
  • Elimination of issues arising from staff shortages
  • Reduction of costs and recruitment time to a minimum
  • No costs resulting from the employment of permanent employees

If you are looking for an effective and effective Contracting IT service, reach out to us and let’s talk about how Tap. Talent can help your organization


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