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Employer branding

Employer Branding – building the company’s image

Are you looking for employer branding activities? Do you want to be The Employer chosen by talent? Are you interested in solutions that build employee loyalty and engagement?

The best and most talented employees realize their value and are placing ever higher demands on both their current and potential employers. Therefore, the key activity in the recruitment area is the employer image, i.e. Employer Branding.

In implementing Employer Branding projects, we pay special attention to the consistency of external and internal communications because a good image of the employer is best proved by satisfied employees.

As part of our consulting business, our team offers:

  • strengthening the image of the company as an attractive employer that is worth recommending,
  • increased engagement and job satisfaction,
  • reducing the staff turnover and costs associated with recruitment processes,
  • increasing the chances of attracting the best employees.

Our projects

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EVP Diagnosis

In order to start building the concept of Employer Branding in an organization, it is first necessary to recognize the values that will underlie all communications with the environment. The Employer Value Proposition must be consistent and must stem from the strategy and the nature of the already existing organizational culture. Within the scope of activities and service leading to the EVP diagnosis, we offer, among other things:

  • employee survey and questionnaire including attitudes toward the employer, motivations, perceived strengths and weaknesses, etc.,
  • analysis of internal communications (review of the tools in use such as evaluation forms, intranet, newsletters),
  • interviews with managers and focus groups,
  • analysis of the results of engagement tests,
  • audit and diagnosis of recruitment processes,
  • creation of internal and external communications on the basis of obtained survey and questionnaire results.
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HR Communications

Human resources communications is key both inside and outside the organization. Our team provides solutions that include developing a communications strategy and preparing the appropriate tools:

  • developing and implementing a Careers tab on the website,
  • graphic design of the advertisement layout and recruitment website,
  • designing the onboarding process, guides, brochures and welcome packs for new employees,
  • conducting social media activities,
  • developing a newsletter and company bulletin,
  • organizing job fairs,
  • creation of internal and external brochures, promotional videos, promotional photos, gadgets.
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Audit of recruitment processes

The purpose of the audit is to diagnose the facts of the recruitment process. The benefits of conducting an audit include image issues and, most importantly, directly translate into increased recruitment efficiency and its cost reduction. The audit includes:

  • analysis of recruitment advertisements, selection of advertising portals, analysis of direct search activities,
  • observation of recruitment interviews conducted by internal recruiters,
  • presenting a report with recommendations.
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Recruitment Events

As part of employer branding activities concerning recruitment events, we offer comprehensive organization consisting of event creation, design of promotional materials, logistic service, promotion and verification of participants according to the provided criteria of events such as:

  • job fairs,
  • conferences,
  • meet-ups,
  • open days,
  • workshops.
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Market Research

As part of our market research, we try to adapt to the needs of our clients. Thanks to our expertise and experience we are able to prepare reports on such areas as:

  • salary analysis,
  • analysis of employer branding trends,
  • analysis of the potential of a given city,
  • analysis of the availability of candidates in the area,
  • analysis of motivation and preferences of employees in a given area.
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Corporate events

Event marketing is the organization of events aimed at promoting not only the offer of a given company or specific products, but also the ideas that the company believes in. Event marketing is also intended to build brand image. Our event activities include:

  • organization of corporate events,
  • organization of conferences and educational campaigns,
  • organization of CSR activities,
  • ambient marketing activities.
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