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Permanent Recruitment

Recruitment for permanent positions is all the recruitment processes that provide candidates with the opportunity to take up permanent employment on the basis of an employment contract.

Permanent Recruitment accounts for the vast majority of the recruitment processes that we conduct for our clients. Our team helps identify individuals who have the skills and experience required for the job.

While in frequent contact with the client, Tap.Talent’s team of recruiters conducts a comprehensive recruitment process by participating in the creation of the job listing, search for suitable candidates, verification of the desired skills, introduction of candidates to the process and administrative support during the recruitment process.

During the recruitment process for permanent positions, our clients and candidates can count on our expert knowledge of the labour market, confidentiality of contacts, recruitment experience and care for our good relationship. As part of our permanent recruitment service we recruit candidates with qualifications such as: IT/Technology, Finance, Marketing, Business Processes and multilingual positions.

Other services


A dedicated team of multi-recruiters undertakes recruitment and marketing activities for volume projects.

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IT Contractors

We offer the opportunity to partner with IT developers, experts and consultants on a flexible B2B basis.

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Remote Recruiters

With the Remote Recruiters service, our clients gain the ability to quickly expand their sourcing and recruiting department.

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IT Recruitment

We recruit software developers and IT specialists through extensive recruiting tools and direct contact.

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Owing to our recruitment platform TalentTool you can reach the best candidates in Poland and abroad.

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