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Remote Recruiters

With the RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) service, our clients are able to quickly expand their recruiting department without incurring the cost of hiring and onboarding new employees into their organization. With this approach, the Tap.Talent team becomes part of your organization and is responsible for implementing your strategic hiring plans.

Whether it is setting up a new office or expanding your existing business structures, we can provide a cost-effective and flexible recruitment solution to allow your HR department to focus on other business tasks.

With the RPO model, you gain a dedicated and experienced team of recruiters as well as access to our expertise, network, recruitment tools and the opportunity to work with our senior managers.

Key benefits of our RPO offering:

  • Significant reduction of employee recruitment time to 3–5 weeks.
  • Savings of 20–40% of total staffing costs.
  • Access to a comprehensive database of candidates and talent.
  • A dedicated recruitment team or a recruiter working exclusively for the client.
  • Use of the client’s ATS (Applicant Tracking System) tool in the project or access to our ATS software.
  • Administrative and legal support during the project, e.g. letters of intent, model employment contracts, clauses, etc.
  • Creating a positive image of the client/employer (Employer Branding).
  • Access to market expertise.
  • Coordination of all recruitment efforts.

Other services


A dedicated team of multi-recruiters undertakes recruitment and marketing activities for volume projects.

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Permanent Recruitment

Permanent recruitment involves the recruitment and selection of mid- to high-level employees in a selected market sector.

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IT Contractors

We offer the opportunity to partner with IT developers, experts and consultants on a flexible B2B basis.

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IT Recruitment

We recruit software developers and IT specialists through extensive recruiting tools and direct contact.

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Owing to our recruitment platform TalentTool you can reach the best candidates in Poland and abroad.

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