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Silver Generation – Why is it worth hiring mature employees?

Silver Generation – Why is it worth hiring mature employees?

"As many as 4 in 10 Polish workers in the 55-65 age group plan to continue their careers beyond retirement age. 39%, in turn, plan to be gainfully employed at that time, but not full-time," writes the pracuj.pl portal, citing its research.

Nearly 1/4 of workers 55+ believe that their labor market situation has improved over the past 10 years. And this is a trend, experts write, that will continue to strengthen - not only due to the growing awareness of employers, but - above all - demographics. Aging European societies, in order to continue to grow and innovate, must target the "silvers generation."

Silvers, that is, who?

When discussions of Baby Boomers, Millenials or Zetas swept through the media, now everyone is focusing attention on Silvers? Who are they? They are people who are over the age of 50. Most often, they have a long-stabilized private life - their own four corners, reared children and, as a result, more time for hobbies, to pursue their dreams and do things they couldn't afford to do twenty years ago. Silvers are also said to be "Best Agers" because they are well-educated, loyal, motivated and very often paradoxically much healthier workers than those of younger generations. Gray hair (hence the name - silver, for silver) is not the only characteristic they have in common. Silvers are active workers who are not thinking about retirement.

Why hire the Silver Generation?

- Silvers are eager to work. Even those who are retired are looking for additional work.

- They have a lot of experience, and at the same time they are aware of the changes taking place in the market and quickly adapt to them.

- Due to the fact that, being of working age, they faced double-digit unemployment and literally had to fight for jobs, they cope better with stress than, for example, representatives of Generation Z.

- They have a high degree of self-confidence and clearly defined requirements from their employer.

- They are able to manage their time effectively.

- They are better at conflict resolution than many younger managers.

- They are characterized by a high degree of loyalty to their employer, as they do not care about gaining experience and thus changing their place of employment.

- They derive satisfaction from their work.

Workers aged 50+ now account for about 15% of all working people in our country. With further inevitable demographic changes, they will quite soon become an important group in our society, including in the labor market. Therefore, employers who have not yet done so should take heed of Silvers and prepare places for them in their companies.


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