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SAP programmer-career and earnings.

SAP programmer-career and earnings.

SAP programmer is currently one of the most respected as well as lucrative professions in the IT industry. His main task is to customize the SAP system to meet the needs of a specific client/organization.

Who is an SAP programmer

Like any IT system, SAP also needs programmers, and SAP programmer in today's world, is one of the most respected, exclusive and profitable professions in the world. The reputation of this position is influenced by several factors, such as the fact that the SAP Developer's tasks include not only programming, but knowledge of a wide range of technologies that they do not teach in school.

Differences between a programmer and a SAP consultant

 As already mentioned, an SAP developer is the person responsible for making changes to the SAP system and adapting it to the specific needs of a given client. So how does he or she differ from an SAP consultant? The difference is that an SAP consultant is closer to the business and is responsible for translating SAP language into content that can be understood by those unfamiliar with the system. It is also his responsibility to identify customer needs, propose solutions and help implement them and present the benefits. Therefore, it can be said that an SAP programmer is a specialist responsible for modifying the system, and an SAP consultant is a specialist who presents them to the customer and indicates the direction in which to proceed.

SAP programmer - earnings in Poland and abroad

 Working as a SAP programmer is associated with a high salary, which is adequate to the duties of the position and the experience required of candidates. It is estimated that an independent SAP programmer can count on earnings in Poland in the range of PLN 8-12 thousand gross per month. Of course, they depend on several factors, such as experience, company size, location, or type of contract (full-time or B2B). In the case of a senior specialist, you can count on a salary in the range of PLN 17-20 thousand gross per month.

SAP programmers abroad can count on considerably higher salaries. For example, in Germany, a SAP programmer with relevant experience can count on an annual salary in the range of 200 - 250 thousand euros.


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