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Preboarding-why is it so important?

Preboarding-why is it so important?

Preboarding, or pre-implementation, covers the intermediate stage between hiring and an employee's official start date.

Properly organized and implemented, preboarding can benefit both the new employee and the entire team. It is a step toward engaging the person in the company's operations, reducing feelings of uncertainty and stress levels after hiring, and familiarizing the new employee with automation processes. It provides an excellent opportunity to enrich the employee experience from the first days of communicating together.

What does preboarding look like?

Preboarding can take different forms depending on the degree of automation of work processes. Typically, this is the stage when the HR manager gathers more information about the new employee, prepares his workplace, gathers additional documents, etc. To avoid handling all this with messages, emails and various instant messaging, it is convenient to have a unified system that will help set up the pre-boarding once and automatically send it to new employees.

What information can you ask an employee for at the preboarding stage?

Make sure to collect additional data that will help you in the first days of a new employee's work. These may include, for example:

- personal data, gender, etc;

- important employee contact information;

- additional documents or certifications required;

- workplace preferences;

- preferences for work equipment;

- special comments (illnesses, allergies, etc.).

Top 3 reasons why you need preboarding in your team

1 You will increase productivity through automation. Implementing preboarding means taking a proactive approach to productivity. Automated preboarding processes help reduce manual steps, ensuring that every new hire goes through the same standard implementation process.

2 Make a lasting first impression. By prioritizing preboarding, you ensure that every new team member's first experience is simply excellent. This proactive approach fosters a sense of belonging to the team and gratitude toward the employer right from the start.

3 You will improve the quality of the overall employee experience. Beyond the usual formalities, preboarding shapes the early narrative of a person's journey on the team. It sets a tone of professionalism and caring. It makes each team member feel that they are entering a well-organized and supportive environment.


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