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Internal recruitment

Internal recruitment

Internal recruitment is the search for a candidate inside the company. Internal recruitment is based on the search for employees in the area of the company itself, because a vacancy has arisen in the company that needs to be filled.

Searching for a candidate first among employees already employed would avoid, among other things, the complicated process of onboarding i.e. - adaptation of the newcomer. In addition, the cost of internal recruitment is much lower, and the implementation of both the process and the employee is much simpler, because the candidate is already familiar with the company, which can be an additional incentive for him to act and increased commitment to his duties, since he may treat such a proposal as a promotion, a token of appreciation, or being appreciated.

Here are some important advantages of internal recruitment.

Employee perspective.

- The employee gets the opportunity for professional development and advancement without being exposed to a change of employer. He remains in an environment that is familiar and safe for him, and he can focus his energy on familiarizing himself with new tasks.

- Very often, the employee has the opportunity to get to know his colleagues more closely, with whom he has previously worked only occasionally, can broaden his horizons and prove himself in new circumstances.

- With career development, the employee feels valued because the employer entrusts him with more responsible tasks, providing the appropriate support and training needed to acquire new competencies, and can also count on the help of colleagues.

Employer's perspective.

- The employer delegates tasks to employees who are proven, trustworthy and familiar with the company.

- The time it takes to implement an employee from internal recruitment is much shorter, since he already knows the company, its rules and customs.

- The time of internal recruitment is shorter and its cost is lower.

- Less turnover of employees in the company.

Internal recruitment, however, also has some disadvantages.

First of all, it restricts the flow of so-called "fresh blood" to the company, as a result of which the company is in danger of stagnation and ossification in its structures. One should also take into account the possibility of the "domino effect", which means that the acquisition of good employees by one department often leads to a serious weakening of the team from which the employee was taken over. On the other hand, however, it is rarely observed in large organizations, which are largely protected against it by the size of their staff. In general, internal recruitment is expedient and right in the context of all types of positions in an organization, if its resources allow it.


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