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Data Scientist – jobs and salaries.

Data Scientist – jobs and salaries.

Data Science is one of the more multidisciplinary specialties in IT. A person working in this field must have mathematical, statistical, programming and business knowledge.

What does this look like in detail?

A specialist working in Data Science must be proficient in the areas of mathematics and statistics to understand and analyze complex relationships in data. He also needs programming skills and general IT knowledge to process, clean and manipulate large amounts of data. To do this, he uses various programming languages (Python, R, SQL) and tools to help process large amounts of data (Hadoop). His knowledge of data science allows him to use appropriate methods and models (e.g. machine learning and artificial intelligence) to predict trends and identify patterns. But that's not all. As we mentioned above, unlike traditional analytical roles, a Data Scientist must also have a deep understanding of the business. This allows them to translate analytical results into strategic decisions and recommendations.

How to become a Data Scientist?

The path to becoming a Data Scientist can be varied. Many people choose majors related to data analysis, computer science, mathematics, statistics or social sciences. The choice of studies often depends on the area in which one wants to specialize later. However, it is important to gain practical skills, participate in data analysis projects, work on real problems and use available tools and technologies. Nowadays, many universities and institutions offer specializations or courses in data analysis, allowing for a more focused acquisition of skills.

Tools and skills

The ability to work with tools and technologies related to data analysis is essential for a Data Scientist. Knowledge of programming languages such as Python or R, the ability to use data visualization tools or SQL and NoSQL databases are indispensable. In addition, familiarity with machine learning techniques, natural language processing and statistics allows the creation of advanced models and predictions.

Data Scientist - earnings

Let's start with earnings. Internal data from No Fluff Jobs for Q1 2023 shows that Data Scientist earnings per category were in the ranges of PLN 19-25 thousand net + VAT per month (B2B) and PLN 15-20 thousand gross per month (employment contract).

Analyzing the data in terms of experience level, a Data Scientist could count on the following earnings:

- Junior Data Scientist - PLN 7-11 thousand net + VAT (B2B) and PLN 6-9 thousand gross (UoP).

- Mid Data Scientist - PLN 16-22 thousand net + VAT (B2B) and PLN 12-18 thousand gross (UoP).

- Senior Data Scientist - PLN 20-28 thousand net + VAT (B2B) and PLN 16-23 thousand gross (UoP)


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