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Content Marketing-about segmenting content and selecting forms of expression.

Content Marketing-about segmenting content and selecting forms of expression.

You already know who you want to communicate with, so it's time for the next task - selecting content for the right groups. Think about what your ideal candidates might be interested in and create content that will attract them to your company.

It's worth creating segments to make your task easier. You can segment your content (and audience) by:

1. specialization/education - think about creating content that will interest people with a specific specialization or, for example, graduates of specific studies.

2. Experience level - you will target different content to people looking for their first job or internship, and others to people with work experience.

3. Activity in the labor market - whether your candidates are actively looking for a job or are passive candidates who have a great job and don't think about changing it at all.

4. Organizational culture - think about creating content that authentically demonstrates your company culture to attract well-matched candidates.

5. Interests - what will be of interest to your target group of candidates. Is development, atmosphere, promotion path important to your audience, or maybe just salary and non-wage benefits? Tailor the content so that they learn what interests them.

These are, of course, just a few examples of how you can segment your content. Consider what will be important to your audience and to you from an employer branding perspective. How do you want to position yourself and which candidates to target.


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