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What does the business world have in common with boxing?

For me, boxing is one of the most important "events" in my weekly schedule of duties. I carefully plan my weekly schedule so that I always have time to train. Boxing allows me to free myself from professional stress, family turbulence and negative news (influences). In the ring, the only thing that matters is the three-three long minutes round and your opponent. The rest of your thoughts stay in the locker room. I have been training for years, as well as running a recruitment company for years. Both have a lot in common. Both, require hard work, determination, and strategy to succeed.

Recruitment and selection of candidates for work - appropriate preparations

A boxer's preparation determines his victory and success against his opponent. Like boxers and their coaches, recruiting companies and their executives must improve the competence of their employees and look for market advantages to make sure they are well prepared for business competition. Competition in a boxing match takes place on many levels. Training, strategy, innovative approach and psychology are issues that every major boxer in the sport knows and understands well. In the case of market competition for clients and candidates, the "battle" of recruitment companies also begins long before the recruitment process itself (i.e., the delivery of the service). Agencies must skillfully adapt to business expectations, follow current labor market trends, and know what qualifications and skills are in demand by particular market industries.

Recruitment of job candidates - strategy

An indispensable part of a boxer's success is strategy. Without a proper strategy, a fighter who is in the ring can only rely on luck and the power of his punches. The same is true in business. Although a recruiting company can count on luck, physical force (ability to use power o the team) is of no use if, as an organization, it does not have an established strategy of action. A strategy is usually a series of minor plans and scenarios, the execution of which allows you to effectively (that is, quickly and accurately) find and recruit candidates for your clients.

Using the right timing in effective recruitment

Finally, about one more important technical element of ring and business fighting - the so-called "timing". The right moment to deliver a punch, move to the attack, dodge, or clinch. Many prominent boxing experts say that "timing is the key to winning". In the world of recruiting companies, the right timing determines the nuances, and these add up to overall recruitment services success.

  • A phone call at the right time – to the prospect Client, to the prospect candidate.
  • An arranged recruitment meeting at a the right time for the candidate.
  • A business meeting with the Client with the right moment.
  • A job offer made with time to for negotiations – with time to enter negotiation before months end.
  • The speed of the recruitment process or right time for “game” changing business decision. etc.

All of this determines the success or failure of a recruitment service.

The longer I train boxing and the longer I've been involved in the recruitment business, the more and more parallels I see between these two worlds far apart. Boxing teaches me more than I could have imagined, and I have a strange feeling that I will be able to invite you to my sparring soon. ;)


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