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Rozprawy HR Brygady – Rozprawa 10:  Trendy rynkowe i kondycja branży rekrutacji i Employer Brandingu w 2020 roku

Rozprawy HR Brygady – Rozprawa 10: Trendy rynkowe i kondycja branży rekrutacji i Employer Brandingu w 2020 roku

A crisis is never indifferent to an organization. Recent events have forced many to take drastic measures in order to cope with these troubling and uncertain economic times. Lately, we have been hearing that the situation might seem to improve, but many were unprepared for the global lockdown and significant organizational changes are inevitable.

Under these market conditions, organizations will have to work extra hard to build their recruitment pipeline and employer branding image. With no time to waste, it is important to quickly get a grasp of what actions you need to take to attract and retain top talent during these turbulent times and beyond.

In this report, we share essential takeaways from what is happening in the recruitment and employer branding market right now as well as research and actionable information on new trends.

A crisis is never indifferent to an organization. Although for several months we have heard that some recession and correction in the stock market is approaching, but no one expected such a violent one crisis related to the pandemic that will result lockdown of the world for several months.

Nobody was ready for such a crisis. How long and how deep will the economic crisis be? It's hard to believe in one event scenario. Crisis analysts, forecasting how fast they can economic rebound occurs, most often they use defined models and treat us with 2nd wave coming.

If the business changes, employer branding and recruitment approach should also change employer. Or shouldn’t?

Trend 1: Revising EVP and Employer Values.

What candidates seek in employers has changed too. Instead of salary, job security takes the lead. This means that as an employer, you will need to revisit your employer value proposition and employer values. Ideally, you want to be known as an employer that offers stability and job security rather than just a provider of a good salary. When your EVP and employer values emphasize these elements, you are more likely to attract the right talent.

Trend 2: Employer branding is…. team integration and security.

With so many changes happening recruiters need to find new ways to market their employer brand. To achieve this, organizations could start to nurture existing talent by providing them with the tools and resources that help them move forward in your organization. Not only will have this a positive impact on the brand perception of prospective candidates it also helps you to better retain your current workforce as it showcases security.

Trend 3: Job security is important… as always but now more than ever.

With so many companies shrinking their departments and sometimes even closing whole business units, it’s natural that job security has shifted to the top of many employees’priorities. Therefore, it’s more important than ever that both the employee and employer are a good match.

Trend 4: Time for innovations, improvements and revisions of recruitment processes.

These times call for a change in the hiring process and recruitment assets such as your website and online vacancies. The hiring process must be not only completely transparent it should also be responsive to the candidate’s need for security and stability as much as possible. The same applies to online vacancies. Candidates also need to know how the hiring process looks like from the first interview to the onboarding stage. When candidates are on a job hunt they do not want to waste your time and certainly not theirs.

Trend 5: Agility of the recruitment process and remote hiring.

Remote work has been growing at a very rapid pace over the years and grew so much in popularity that when asked 74% of people would prefer employers that offer remote positions over those that do not. In some countries, thought leaders are already considering to make remote work ‘the new normal’. This shows that more stress is put on taking an agile approach to the recruitment process.

Trend 6: New set of benefits?

Flexible work arrangements remain, understandably, one of the most desirable benefits. This could either refer to the use of B2B contracts or simply working from home, employees are in favor of employers that provide enough flexibility to their employees. Personal development benefits, don’t cease in their popularity. Employees are looking for new ways to develop themselves more than ever as new skills and capabilities are likely to provide them with more job security. Companies that offer personal development benefits will have a competitive advantage over those that don’t.


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