About Us

Tap.Talent is a team with a mix of internationally experienced managerial staff and inspiring youthful talent, all of which combines to create a fresh approach to recruitment.

We created Tap.Talent to fulfill our professional goals. We decided to leave behind the common and widely used recruitment pattern and to introduce our own approach. One which is more flexible and innovative, enabled by our unique recruitment software called Talent.Tool, which gives us access to a well-developed network of competent recruiters and sought talent. With it we can extend our geographical range and effectively scale to meet the requirements of all our clients.

Consultations, training and the creation of marketing plans and/or employer branding are the added extras that come with our package. Recruitment projects are getting more and more demanding, that is why at Tap.Talent we perfectly understand that in order to get to the most valuable talent we have to employ strategies that go beyond traditional recruitment methods.

Tap.Talent actively cooperate with partners in the European Union, which enriches us and allows us to manage any project, at any localization.


We invite you to cooperate with us.