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What motivates a programmer?

What motivates a programmer?

Building employee engagement and motivation have been among the biggest challenges of HR departments for years, and the biggest weapons in the battle for employees are still employee benefits: health-oriented programs and wellness offerings, attractive office design and care for the atmosphere in the office, vouchers, or the opportunity to work remotely.


It turns out that for developers, development is one of the key things. Since developers are ambitious, it is easy to guess that they like to learn new technologies, solutions, languages. So the HR department can show off with interesting training courses. Sometimes it is good to learn something even unrelated to the project you are working on.

On the other hand, it's also important for a programmer to have time at all to develop new skills on the job. Ideally, he should be able to gain knowledge while carrying out the project he is working on.

Some skills will benefit the employer in the future, others - perhaps never. One thing is certain - he will gain a satisfied employee. Because when a programmer develops with the support of the company, he simply wants it more.

Good salary

Despite everything, one of the most obvious things - satisfactory salaries. This probably doesn't need to be commented on more extensively. Even if you like your job most in the world, you don't go to it for charity.

Being appreciated

The quality of work can vary. But once a person engages in his duties, and maybe even tries harder than he has to, it should be noticed. Likewise, if he handles a difficult task. Programmers need to feel that they are important in a project and do their job well. Sometimes it is enough to simply tell them that.

An interesting project

Programmers cite the opportunity to participate in interesting projects as one of the top motivators. This is a challenge and a chance for developers to grow. It's about challenging tasks that require ingenuity and out-of-the-box solutions. Such projects get you out of a rut, allow you to refresh your head - it's nicer to come to work out of curiosity, not just out of obligation. Of course, sometimes you need to do something smaller, but even then it should be part of a significant interesting whole. Seeing the meaning in what one does is very important. It is best to show the programmer the bigger picture of what he is working on and give him a free hand in choosing a solution.


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