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The roles of IT Security

The roles of IT Security

Today we will look at the IT Security industry. Roles in this area are often difficult to prioritise. We decided to briefly describe the most popular positions and briefly outline the most important tasks

Cyber security plays one of the key roles in the digital environment. In the simplest terms, it is the job of specialists in this field to protect systems, data, infrastructure, etc. from cyber threats. A highly skilled security team is needed to prevent these threats. According to a study by Cybercrime Magazine, there are 50 positions related to cyber security (2021 figures). We would like to take a look and present a few of them:

- Information Security Manager (ISM) - develops policies and procedures leading to network security. Among his or her tasks is to supervise the work of analysts and engineers. He or she checks that the company complies with security standards and norms. Often this role requires certification, e.g. (CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional).

- Information Security Analyst - is responsible for monitoring, analysing and responding to security incidents. Protects the company network and maintains all security measures. He/she may also implement a plan of preventive measures to secure the infrastructure.

- Security Engineer - these professionals may be tasked with implementing the company's established security strategy and maintaining all security solutions. They are also responsible for documenting the state of security and communicating what measures have been taken to maintain the level of security.

- Network Security Engineer - this is the equivalent of a Security Engineer but focused on network issues. Network Security Engineers design, implement and maintain the network infrastructure ensuring maximum security. They configure firewalls, VPNs or deal with intrusion detection.

- Security Consultant - advises companies on the best ways to protect their digital assets. Such professionals assess the state and type of security of a company. More often than not, they are professionals from outside the organisation who analyse, assess risks, and spot weak areas in security.

- Penetration Tester (Pentester) - this role is sometimes referred to as Legal Hacker or Ethical Hacker. People in this position are involved in testing security (systems, networks), identifying vulnerabilities and providing recommendations for patches. At the request of companies, they break into their systems and look for vulnerabilities by locating weak points. These actions are designed to protect the system from a real hacking attack. The pentester should always be one step ahead of the hacker.

The IT Security industry is evolving at a rapid pace and as technology evolves, the number of threats is increasing. Security professionals need to keep abreast of all new developments and technological trends. It is likely that the number of IT Security jobs will increase further over the next few years.


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