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Human Resources – trends and forecasts for 2024

Human Resources – trends and forecasts for 2024

There are many indications that in 2024 we will see the growth and further development of trends already known from previous years. Today we will look at the most important trends we expect to see in the world of recruitment in 2024.

What will the labor market look like in 2024?

Although not without challenges related to, among other things, high inflation, in retrospect we can see 2023 in the Polish labor market as nevertheless stable. In the context of the following months, experts show cautious optimism related to the upcoming changes, including the tax vacation. Polish employers in 2024 plan to increase employment.

Increasing efficiency through recruitment automation

Speaking of efficiency. Manual, time-consuming tasks in the recruitment process are becoming a thing of the past, with automation taking center stage in 2024. The era of manual procedures is giving way to automation, speeding up candidate sourcing, interview scheduling and onboarding processes. How can organizations find the right balance between automation and maintaining a personalized candidate experience? The key lies in understanding the nuances of each role and adapting automation to enhance, not replace, the human element in recruitment.

Transparency, sustainability and flexibility in the spirit of work-life balance

Among candidates, a focus on flexible employment terms and open communication about compensation - clearly defined spreads and non-wage benefits - will reign supreme in the coming months. The observed trend reflects an evolving attitude to work, resulting from the long-term effects of lockdown and the Great Resignation, which have shaped new expectations of employees from employers.

Generation Z = Workers of Tomorrow

We will conclude our journey through the recruitment trends of 2024 with the emergence of Generation Z in the labor market. This generation brings with it unique expectations, preferences and skills that are worth tapping into. How can companies adapt their recruitment strategies to resonate with Generation Z's values and aspirations? The key is to leverage technology, emphasize social responsibility and create a work culture that resonates with the principles of this diverse and technologically proficient generation.


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