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3 non-obvious ideas for a company Christmas Eve party

3 non-obvious ideas for a company Christmas Eve party

3 non-obvious ideas for a company Christmas Eve party

Think of your company Christmas party as an event, not as one of your business meetings. Preparing Christmas Eve food together, giving each other gifts and other company-Christmas classics are just the beginning. See how to conjure up a festive atmosphere at your company without a big budget. Rule number one - when planning your company's Christmas party, make sure it's not another tiresome tradition and one of a series of professional obligations.

Multicultural Christmas

Christmas is not just about reindeer and Santa Claus (whose image, known to practically everyone today, actually comes from... a Coca Cola commercial). In various corners of the world, Christmas customs completely different from those in Poland are celebrated. In Spain, instead of a wafer, loved ones share challah, in the UK, gifts are found in long socks rather than under the Christmas tree, and in Denmark, fried carp is not eaten, but sweet rice with cinnamon and roast goose... This diversity will be a good starting point for a company party. You can arrange a quiz on the knowledge of Christmas customs from other countries, or organize a Christmas Eve gathering with dishes from different corners of the world. This will become not only an opportunity to have fun, but also a way to broaden your horizons.

Christmas Eve sports activities

Christmas is associated with eating not always dietary treats rather than sports. What if you could reverse the tradition a bit and instead of absorbing calories - burn them? As a pre-Christmas warm-up, you can encourage employees to engage in winter sports activities, such as going ice-skating together. An interesting idea would be to organize a not-so-serious Christmas sports competition, such as a slalom between Christmas trees or a relay race with baubles.

Christmas Day of Covering Everything with Chocolate

Instead of presents and Santa Claus, how about celebrating another December holiday with your employees? December 16 is the Day of Covering Everything with Chocolate, December 17 is the National Day of Face-to-Face Conversations, and December 21 is the World Day of Greeting Brunettes. In fact, almost every December day has its own unusual, and often very funny and absurd, holiday. Instead of making group Christmas wishes over herring and borscht, on Zamenhof Day (Esperanto Day), which falls on December 15, you can learn new words in Esperanto together.


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