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How to hire IT candidates with experience?

How to hire IT candidates with experience?

Hiring candidates with experience is a higher level of recruitment. Due to their experience confirmed by their portfolio, they also have much higher expectations from their future job. In addition to high salaries, a candidate with experience is most often looking for stability and opportunities for growth that were missing in his previous job. How to hire candidates with experience? You'll find out in today's article.

  1. Don't ask forbidden questions

This is a basic task for any recruiter, but while first-time junior candidates may be more forgiving (especially when they care about a specific job), for candidates with a lot of seniority, this option is a big no-no. If a recruiter, in the course of interviewing a female candidate for a managerial position, slips in a question about whether she plans to be pregnant, she can forget about accepting the job offer. Other forbidden questions include the religious sphere, worldview, sexual orientation and all questions that are not designed to test a candidate's competence and skills, e.g., whether he or she has any tattoos or piercings.

2. Be prepared for long negotiations and direct questions

IT candidates with a lot of seniority have the advantage over recruiters that they know their worth and know that if they don't accept a particular offer, they won't have to wait long for an equally attractive or even more favorable job offer than the rejected one. That's why they are much more direct, open and specific during a job interview. They show recruiters that they know what they expect from the company to which they are applying. They know their strengths and use them during the interview, so the recruiter must be prepared to negotiate compromise terms that satisfy both sides - though more so the candidate, who is aware that recruiters from different companies will apply for him until he finally finds the one where he will settle down for the long term.

3. Tailor the language to the recipient

Well, tailor the way you talk to the recipient's work experience. You don't have to explain to him what Java, debugging or JIRA is, just use specific terminology. This may be difficult for a novice recruiter, but over time you should become adept at talking to experienced candidates. It is in such relationships that the recruiter should be authentic, sincere and flexible to retain the candidate.

4. You don't have to test technical competence

A technical competency test that works for hiring people for junior positions will not work for experienced professionals. Ba, they may even take offense at being taken frivolously by a potential employer. What counts when assessing the technical competence of such candidates is his portfolio, recommendations from previous jobs and resume. Other technical competencies need not be checked.

5. Leave this task to the professionals

If you don't feel you have the resources to hire a specialist, outsource this task to an IT recruitment agency. Such agencies are staffed by professionals who provide recruitment services to many companies in the industry, they know how to not only encourage a candidate with experience to come to a recruitment interview, but most importantly, they know how to retain him, and this is the main goal of recruiting IT candidates with experience.


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