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A good job ad, that is, what kind of ad?

A good job ad, that is, what kind of ad?

Sometimes a job offer does not attract the right candidates... In such a situation, it is worth considering what elements in the ad are most important for job seekers. We suggest how to increase the effectiveness of offers posted online.

Requirements and duties of the position

Job seekers will not apply for an offer if the requirements for the position and responsibilities are not specified and tailored to the role being offered. This is one of the key elements of good job advertisements. Many offers include expectations such as the ability to work in a team, under time pressure or knowledge of Microsoft Office. A good practice in such a case is to indicate what specific program functionality is required to work effectively in the position.

The description of duties should also be specific, so that the candidate knows what to expect even before the interview - for example, instead of “e-mail marketing” it is better to write “preparation of newsletters and analysis of their effectiveness”, which will enable the invitee to ask detailed questions about the organization and employment.


Current employees of the organization, especially those specializing in the areas for which we intend to recruit, can be a valuable source of information regarding the prepared advertisement. Such consultations allow us to assess the correctness of the described responsibilities of the position or the attractiveness of the offer.

Description of the company

In the ad it is worthwhile to present the employer in an interesting way. How to do it? The description should be fairly short, so it is better not to present the entire history of the company in it. Candidates want to know what distinguishes the organization from others, what its values and organizational culture are - this allows them to assess whether they fit in with the company. The description should be specific and attractive, so that it remains in the memory of those potentially interested in the job offer.

Terms of employment

An effective job advertisement includes information about the terms of employment. Knowing the type of contract, the proposed rate or benefits allows the candidate to assess whether it is worth applying for a particular offer. Without such knowledge, the chance of suitable people applying to the recruitment process decreases.


An ad without a posted offered salary range is not attractive to candidates. Salary is important to everyone, and posting the proposed rate increases the effectiveness of job offers and the chance of applications from people with the desired profile. The posted spreads allow candidates to assess whether the proposed conditions are of interest to them.


Employee benefits offered have an impact on salary, but should also be a visible benefit for candidates. A sports card, fruit Thursdays or a medical package can be found in many ads. It is worthwhile to approach this topic individually and offer something extra that may interest potential employees ¬- such as the opportunity for development through additional training or language courses. Benefits also have an impact on the salary - sometimes a lower basic rate, but supplemented with attractive perks, may be a better option for a candidate than high salaries and the most commonly offered benefits or lack thereof.

Form of employment

The ad must not lack information on the type of contract that the employer prefers. Why? PLN 5,000 gross will be a different rate “on hand” on a contract of employment, commission or B2B. This is fair to the candidate, who will be able to calculate his actual earnings, for example.


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