Salary Report 2019

The hiring environment in 2018 has been extremely competitive. Employers in the IT sector settled to increase their offers 7 to 8% for IT professionals yet 50,000 job vacancies for remained unfilled nonetheless.

The Business Services Sector, however, enjoyed a 13% increase in hires during the last year in the number of hires and accounts for 305,100 employees in Poland.

At Tap.Talent we analysed 500 positions within these sectors and are thrilled to share our findings with you in our 2nd Salary Report for 2019.

What value you will get from reading this comprehensive 18-page salary report:

  • Short insightful summaries of the hiring landscape of the IT and Business Services Sectors in Poland.
  • Talent attraction and retention challenges along with actionable advice on how to tackle them.
  • Complete salary overviews for numerous roles in the IT and Finance & Processes fields.
  • Trends in salary expectations are added and how it impacts the salary that is offered by employers
  • How Employer Branding helps organisations with effectively attracting and retaining talent that is the right fit for your organisation.
  • Prognoses of the hiring landscape in 2019.

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