To have access to people with niche skills; be able to increase the number of candidates presented; shorten the employment process and use the potential of social & professional talent portals we have created a system based on crowdstaffing called “Talent.Tool”.

Talent.Tool is the only recruitment platform that combines new technologies with the current needs of the HR\Recruitment market.

A fully responsive and intuitive interface that will allow you to work effectively with all kinds of roles and Clients. As a company, you will have access to a large network of independent experienced recruiters … As a recruiter, you can browse projects that suit you, own your relationship with candidates and earn without restrictions.

The “Talent.Tool” platform has been designed to gather professional Polish and foreign recruiters in one place and enable them to work on open hiring processes from anywhere around the world.

From now on, professional Recruiters from all over Poland and the CEE region are available and can work on your recruitment processes using a dedicated system platform that monitors the recruitment process progress.

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